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Serifos island (Greece, Cyclades)

Serifos island (Greece, Cyclades) is an island in the Aegean Sea that belongs to the Cyclades islands cluster.   The capital of Serifos Chora is built at an altitude of 200 m, reaching the top of a hill with remnants of the ancient castle, whitewashed houses, cobblestone streets, and breathtaking viewsRead More …


Naxos is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, the largest island of the Cyclades complex,  located south of Mykonos and east of Paros.

Sikinos island (Greece, Cyclades)

The small rocky island of the Cyclades, located between Folegandros and Ios. The non-existence of a natural port has made the seaside approach particularly precarious since ancient times.

Paros island (Greece, Cyclades)

Paros island (Greece, Cyclades) is the third-largest island in the Cyclades and is located west of Naxos.  The large bay of Naoussa is one of the most picturesque ports of the Aegean, while the other two bays of the island are located in the west (Parikia) and the east (Marble).

Andros Island (Greece, Cyclades)

Andros is an island in the Aegean Sea, southeast of Evia. It is the northernmost island of the Cyclades and the second largest in size. The capital of the island is Andros or Chora, while its port is Gavrio. Andros Island (Greece, Cyclades)  is connected to mainland Greece by seaRead More …

Tinos island (Greece, Cyclades)

Tinos island is the fourth largest in the Cyclades, with picturesque villages such as  Berdeimaros, Two Villages, Arnados, one of the most traditional settlements, unique views of the endless blue. Its enchanting landscape, gray chapels characterize Tinos island, old windmills,  indicative bridges, pigeon houses (Dovecots),   hosting the region’s older economicRead More …

Koufonisia: The Mykonos of the Small Cyclades

Koufonisia: The Mykonos of the Small Cyclades.  In the ’80s, it sounded like a rather quirky choice, deliberately isolated and nature-loving.  However, today, things have changed.  Holidays in Koufonisia are now synonymous with the cosmopolitan carelessness of young people who want to seize their vacation days from morning until theRead More …

Mykonos Island Pictures (Greece Cyclades)

Mykonos island pictures

Mykonos island pictures (Greece Cyclades) is a hot cosmopolitan island that attracts upscale crowds worldwide.  Mykonos the island of the winds will always remain, despite the times and trends, the ultimate summer destination.  So let’s start a tour that will try to contain everything. And the new and the classic,Read More …

Sifnos Island – Sifnos, is Tom Hanks’ favorite


Sifnos Island – Sifnos is Tom Hanks’ favorite. The restaurant “Ω3”, in Platys Gialos of Sifnos, is Tom Hanks’ favorite when he comes to the Aegean, as he rushes several times to Sifnos from Antiparos to enjoy its goodies.  From the unique local flavors to the new festivals and fromRead More …

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